I have been training with Darcy since July of 2009 and I don’t think that it is possible for me to rave enough about her. As a coach I absolutely love her. I am a very driven person; wanting to do my best at everything that I do and triathlon is no different. Read full story


I am pleased to announce all three of my athletes racing San Diego International Triathlon on 6/27/2010 had AG podium finishes!

Congratulations to "Rockin" Tammy Hermes for her 1st place finish with a time of 2:08:29.

Congratulations to Nathan Boward for his stellar performance with a 3rd place finish with a time of 1:59:36.

Congratulations to "newcomer" Jeff Hjalmarson for his fantastic 1st place finish at the sprint distance with a time of 1:20:53.

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Hello. My name is Darcy Eaton, and I’d like to welcome you to TriPro Fitness. I am a USAT Certified Coach and elite age group triathlete in San Diego. I offer personalized coaching for the beginner to elite age group in triathlon, running and cycling. My goal is to inspire you and provide you with the training, tools and knowledge to be your best.

Hiring a coach can help you achieve your fitness, training and racing goals. I can attest to the fact that it was my coach who enabled me to reach my highest athletic potential. I have learned what it takes to go from an inexperienced swimmer, biker and runner to a world-class athlete competing in Ironman World Championships.

In my 10 year racing career, I have had the opportunity to study and train under many of the best coaches, professors and pro athletes. My coaching philosophy centers on: periodized training, positive thinking, smart race planning and superior coach/athlete relationship.

The combination of quality training, consistency and rest are essential for maximizing your athletic gains, and minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury. I customize each program with a systematic approach, one suited to your racing goals, level of fitness, and availability to train.

Equally important is developing strong mental skills. I pay close attention to your level of confidence, commitment, concentration and composure. Too often, I see athletes who have trained extremely well leading up to their race, only to under-perform on race day.

Sometimes a personal record can be obtained by simply knowing what race is most suitable for you. An important asset is that of a sizeable “athlete toolbox” filled with tips, race tactics, skills and strategies. The better your experience, the better your performance.

I strongly encourage questions and feedback from my athletes. Ongoing dialog is key to our success. You will have unlimited access to me to ensure you have the attention you deserve.

Please contact me with any questions.

Coach Darcy